Sexy in 60 Minutes


Imagine your own army of beauticians and fashion experts, simultaneously working head-to-toe, pampering you and transforming your look over just one hour. Imagine the surprise on people’s faces if you went from looking dowdy to super sexy in 60 minutes.

SEXY IN 60 MINUTES is a dramatic, fast-paced and high stakes personal makeover format that reflects the busy lifestyle of today’s time-poor but aspirational woman.

Unlike other makeover formats which produce results over a long and drawn-out timescale, this show is unique in achieving BIG RESULTS IN JUST 60 MINUTES.  By putting each makeover against the clock it adds drama and tension, while also making each reveal feel remarkable but attainable to viewers.

Reflecting the growth in online makeover tutorials that offer quick fixes and instant gratification to audiences, this format is the refreshingly modern and set to redefine the makeover genre.

With over two-thirds of each show’s content shot efficiently over 60 minutes in the unique ‘Sexy In 60 Minutes’ studio hub, this is the perfect format for high volume and cost efficient production.  Each episode is currently configured as a 30 minute show but can be tweaked according to local needs.