The Fake Podcast Show


Everybody loves a good podcast, right?  In this hillarious new original series for Channel 4's social platforms we've tasked a group of comedians to create brand new podcasts with a BIG twist: none of them are real!  In this nail-biting prank format, unsuspecting celebrity guests think they’ve been invited onto the latest hot podcast, but they’re about to realise things are going to get weird!  How far can our comics push them until they crack, figure it out, or simply walk out of the studio? Find out in The Fake Podcast Show.

Featuring lead comedians Luke McQueen, Lily Phillips and Erika Ehler, supported by fellow comics and actors Rachel Stubbings, Esther Manito, Bella Hull and Toby Manley, and pranking unsuspecting celeb guests Nile Wilson, Chelsee Healey, Digby Edgily and Sideman, this social first series of four episodes plays out on Channel 4 Comedy's YouTube channel supported by trailers and cutdowns on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.